2024 LMCLP Application

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 LMCLP.

The LMCLP delivers a year of community leadership development:

•   incorporating dynamic activities to challenge participants critical thinking and mindsets.
•   using interactive workshops to refine and develop adaptive leadership skills to help tackle complex challenges.

Participants will be immersed in community leadership through residential retreats and online pre and post zoom session to explore:
•   New ideas and thinking
•   Learning through doing
•   New approaches and concepts to leadership
•   Reflective practice and journaling

The program features a diverse mix of subject matter experts, guest speakers, LMCLP graduates and those representing Local, State and Federal government, all with the aim of developing a rich leadership story and context focusing on positive change for the region.

The program runs for a 10-month period from February to November annually and conditions allowing, consists of 16 face-to-face program days, delivered as one single-day for orientation, and five 3-day residential retreats, plus a number of online program sessions (generally kept to a maximum of 2 hours per session, but with some longer content rich sessions) held between those retreats. 

This is a diverse regional program, covering 10 local government areas. Throughout the course of the program year, participants will visit many of the 10 shires. As part of the program retreats, it will be a requirement to travel so access to transportation is a requirement.  Additionally, you must be a resident of one of the 10 local shire areas in the region to be eligible for the program.

The LMCLP retreats include, overnight stays; shared accommodation and most meals are included in the program cost. Should you require single room accommodation that will be at your cost. Additional out of pocket expenses will be travel, some meals and potential of selected books to be read as part of the program.

Retreat structure:
1.    3 Day Retreat (Friday to Sunday)
2.    Online zoom sessions pre and post retreats
3.    Working in teams and meeting regularly out of program structure to work on processors (either in person or online).
4.    Submission of reports - one mid year and one final year report to sponsors.
5.    Construction of a community project including a project charter.

We require commitment to the program, which includes:
•   Being available for program retreats including support from family and employers to enable participants to attend both retreats, online sessions and additional activities with home teams is vital

We ask that all applicants discuss the time commitment with their family and employer to ensure they have the appropriate support in place, enabling their full participation in the program if accepted.

Please read this information carefully before putting in an expression of interest for the 2023 Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program (LMCLP).

Participation Commitment and Expectations:

Successful applicants will be required to commit themselves to full participation in the program, which includes:
- Making the best possible effort to attend all program days, which include one face-to-face Orientation Day and five 3-Day Retreats, which are held on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday (in most cases), attendance of all retreats and other program activities is required to graduate.
- Completing the required evaluation after each program day.
- If participating with scholarship support, undertaking regular meetings, reports and interactions with the scholarship provider.
- Completing and reporting back to LEAD Loddon Murray on a community project (one that is achievable and of benefit to the community), it is desirable that this community project be completed within six months of graduation.


A majority of positions are ideally covered by a sponsorship arranged by LEAD Loddon Murray, traditionally our sponsors include most local governments across our region and other organisations. They naturally seek to have as their sponsored participant, a person who is closely aligned to their purpose and goals.

- All Scholarship and Employer Sponsored Participants (except LEAD Board Supported) must pay a personal participation fee  - $750 incl GST.
- Self Funded Participants $5,000 incl GST (limited to two places per year, personal fee does not apply to this category).
- Community Organisations $6,000 incl GST.
- Corporate Organisations or Large Community Organisations - greater than 100 staff $8,000 incl   
- Employer / Corporate Sponsored Participants, Employer Fee $11,000 incl GST.

* Note that Each place in the LMCLP is valued at over $18,000; LEAD Loddon Murray receives government funding and arranges for scholarship and sponsorship support for the program to help subsidise participants into the program. 

In the interview we will discuss whether you are eligible to apply for scholarship support into the program.

No person should be prevented from applying to the program due to financial hardship, so fees can be paid over a period of time by agreement with LEAD Loddon Murray, and we are open to discussion on tailored arrangements according to the participant's individual situation. 

Ensure you complete all the questions; it is estimated this application will take up to 20 minutes to complete. If applications are not completed in full, they will not be considered in the selection process and you will not be eligible for an interview.

The process for 2024 recruitment is as follows:
1. Complete this expression of interest.
2. Should you be selected for further discussion; you will progress to an interview with the LEAD Loddon Murray team. 
3. Candidate recommendations will be made by late November.
4. Official offers will go to candidates by early December.

The timeframes above are indicative only and are subject to change.

Confidentiality of Information.

All information provided in this application is confidential to LEAD Loddon Murray Inc. for use in the application process for the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program. Personal information will not be divulged to any third parties, except where needed to secure scholarship/sponsorship funding for the participant.

Should you have any questions, you can speak to LMCLP Program Director, Jude Hannah on 0499 171 663.

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